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Welcome to the Resource Center. Visit this area to find out what is new in taxes or gain insight in financial management.

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Tax Topics

Developing & Writing a Business Plan

Gives an overview of Business Plans - their importance and uses - and how to write them.

Independent Contractor or Employee - 20 Deterimining Factors

Discusses 20 key factors in determining whether a worker should be classified as an Employee or an Independent Contractor.

Business Legal Entity Structures Comparison

Chart comparing various forms of legal structures for businesses - Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships

The Home Office Deduction

This article briefly discusses aspects of the Home Office Deduction for those who have an office in their home.

Health Insurance Tax Breaks for the Self-Employed

Describes some ways Self-Employed individuals, LLC members, and shareholders in S-Corps can get tax breaks on the cost of Health Insurance.

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness - 10 Key Points

Discusses tax aspects of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness and how to minimize or eliminate taxes on cancelled debts.

Four Facts About Bartering - Trading for Goods and Services

Describes the tax aspects related to bartering or trading for goods and services. Yes, bartering is taxable!

Ten Tips to Jump-Start Business in a Slow Economy

Ten quick tips to help the business owner jump-start their business in today's slow economy.

Social Security Benefits, Are They Taxable?

This page discusses the tax aspects of Social Security Benefits.

Tips on Choosing a Tax Preparer

Ten tips from the IRS on choosing a tax preparer.